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Hello new people! My name's Kinome Chisaha, but my friends just call me Leaf! Welcome to my blog! I'm a Pokemon Trainer, so feel free to ask me to a battle! I'm always looking for new friends to make! So don't be shy! I love talking to new people! ^^

(A partial-indepent RP blog for a Pokemon OC. Has been used in a forum community before, so will heavily reference other instances not capable of being shown on Tumblr.)
((Will play with non-Pokemonverse characters, so feel free to send an ask or follow to start an RP! :D She's not afraid to make new friends, so don't be shy!))

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Be the more playful you. #BeMoretea

Credit: Sandy Noto 

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"Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and never give up."
- me (via xsweetest-sinsx)

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Think happy thoughts

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positivity journal page.1

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Reblog this if you don’t take dropped threads personally

Im doing a little test to prove to my friend that most RPers don’t get offended or take it personally if threads get dropped and understand that muses can be fickle or you lose the feel of a thread and that’s okay.

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I absolutely love when people read my roleplays and then send messages to me about how they enjoyed them. I feel like connecting with them in that way means that I’m doing a good job.

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It’s super frustrating. JUST COME PLAY.

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Someday it is going to make sense

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((going to bed. g’night guys!))

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*He blinks in confusion at being returned the item.* “It was a gift.”

It was? *she gasps and takes it back, looking at it more closely now as she turns it over in her hands* Thanks! But, um… Why? I don’t think I know you… And it’d be weird just accepting a gift from a complete stranger… ^^;

*He just lets the shining mirror be taken back, putting on a light smile while attempting to push up glasses that are not there.* “Huh? I believe we met earlier. Though…why are you wearing clothes like that? You look sort of like a muggle.” *He squints* “Then again, I think I’m going half blind…”

Eh? What do you mean? I always wear clothes like this! Well, except when I’m going to Contests or a ball because then I’ve got to dress up…

*she blinked at him* Muggle? Do you mean like in the Harry Potter books? Hey, now that I think about it, you do look like a wizard cosplayer! *Leaf giggled*

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